The writers of the bible were israelites and members of the same family. So let us understand they were all related.
This family was different from all the other families of the earth because they were the only ones who knew the God of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob. Amos 3:2

When ppl whom were not members of this family gained hold of their (family book) -scriptures, they translated and transliterated the word into their own language.

The writers of the scriptures were inspired by the God of israel, but the translators were NOT inspired and thus made errors.

God does not support rape. The word rape was never even used. This is new word originating from the Latin Rapere and has been in use since the 14th century.

When forcible sex was used the hebrew word used was Chazaq #h2388.

But notice in Deut22:28-29 different words are used:
Taphas #08610 and Shakab #07901.

The original 1611kingjames bible never used the word rape.

This was inserted for the purpose of deceiving many into rejecting the God of the Israelites.

The woman here was not raped but seduced and violated because she was not married by the seducer.

Questions: @theJudahite (biblical teacher)